The Luminati Film Difference

Our mission is to bring coloring masters tools to express their creativity. Compare the performance of Luminati Film to foil. Using something else? Compare the performance characteristics of your material to Luminati Film.

Luminati Film simply produces a better result. All Luminati films feature a non-slip surface that ensures the film adheres to the hair right to the root delivering more efficient and effective processing. Its thermal properties help to deliver faster results and it encapsulates the majority of ammonia and peroxide fumes.

The clear film allows the colorist to view the progress of the coloring process ensuring the desired outcome every time.

But Luminati Film does all of this in an environmentally responsible manner. Our film is manufactured in a modern facility powered substantially by solar energy. All Luminati films are washable, reusable and recyclable, saving you money while diminishing waste.

Bottom line, Luminati Film enhances your ability to perform at a master’s level, offering a premium experience to the client, all while doing your part to save our planet.